NOAA: 8725383

Fri-04-194:09 am0.225L
Fri-04-1911:03 am1.877H
Fri-04-194:26 pm0.874L
Fri-04-1910:28 pm1.954H
Sat-04-204:36 am0.420L
Sat-04-2011:09 am2.008H
Sat-04-205:04 pm0.602L
Sat-04-2011:16 pm1.935H
Sun-04-214:59 am0.636L
Sun-04-2111:15 am2.163H
Sun-04-215:40 pm0.357L
Mon-04-2212:00 am1.877H
Mon-04-225:19 am0.850L
Mon-04-2211:24 am2.336H
Mon-04-226:14 pm0.142L
Tue-04-2312:44 am1.792H
Tue-04-235:36 am1.040L
Tue-04-2311:38 am2.513H
Tue-04-236:50 pm-0.043L
Wed-04-241:30 am1.694H
Wed-04-245:49 am1.190L
Wed-04-2411:57 am2.673H
Wed-04-247:27 pm-0.197L
Thu-04-252:22 am1.593H
Thu-04-255:59 am1.295L
Thu-04-2512:20 pm2.799H
Thu-04-258:07 pm-0.312L
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