NOAA: 8725488

Wed-03-292:44 am0.065L
Wed-03-296:50 pm1.535H
Thu-03-304:09 am0.061L
Thu-03-308:15 pm1.523H
Fri-03-315:03 am0.041L
Fri-03-311:08 pm1.081H
Fri-03-313:22 pm1.036L
Fri-03-319:34 pm1.561H
Sat-04-015:39 am0.042L
Sat-04-0112:56 pm1.059H
Sat-04-014:37 pm0.872L
Sat-04-0110:37 pm1.620H
Sun-04-026:07 am0.076L
Sun-04-0212:17 pm1.106H
Sun-04-025:21 pm0.684L
Sun-04-0211:27 pm1.665H
Mon-04-036:30 am0.144L
Mon-04-0312:23 pm1.212H
Mon-04-036:00 pm0.487L
Tue-04-0412:12 am1.676H
Tue-04-046:51 am0.243L
Tue-04-0412:41 pm1.339H
Tue-04-046:39 pm0.290L
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