NOAA: 8725488

Mon-05-162:23 am1.494H
Mon-05-166:45 am1.085L
Mon-05-1612:44 pm2.306H
Mon-05-168:23 pm-0.618L
Tue-05-173:23 am1.417H
Tue-05-177:12 am1.184L
Tue-05-171:25 pm2.394H
Tue-05-179:16 pm-0.652L
Wed-05-184:25 am1.320H
Wed-05-187:30 am1.237L
Wed-05-182:11 pm2.406H
Wed-05-1810:11 pm-0.586L
Thu-05-193:01 pm2.335H
Thu-05-1911:12 pm-0.444L
Fri-05-203:56 pm2.180H
Sat-05-2112:19 am-0.265L
Sat-05-215:05 pm1.960H
Sun-05-221:24 am-0.074L
Sun-05-2210:01 am1.295H
Sun-05-2212:44 pm1.212L
Sun-05-226:33 pm1.734H
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