NOAA: 8725488

Thu-10-0612:04 am1.642H
Thu-10-064:22 am1.307L
Thu-10-0610:19 am2.277H
Thu-10-065:44 pm0.280L
Fri-10-0712:02 am1.728H
Fri-10-075:23 am1.023L
Fri-10-0711:23 am2.268H
Fri-10-076:19 pm0.428L
Sat-10-0812:19 am1.852H
Sat-10-086:12 am0.752L
Sat-10-0812:19 pm2.212H
Sat-10-086:50 pm0.617L
Sun-10-0912:42 am1.987H
Sun-10-096:59 am0.523L
Sun-10-091:13 pm2.112H
Sun-10-097:18 pm0.821L
Mon-10-101:07 am2.108H
Mon-10-107:44 am0.351L
Mon-10-102:06 pm1.989H
Mon-10-107:44 pm1.017L
Tue-10-111:33 am2.197H
Tue-10-118:28 am0.246L
Tue-10-112:56 pm1.855H
Tue-10-118:08 pm1.190L
Wed-10-121:59 am2.247H
Wed-10-129:09 am0.211L
Wed-10-123:45 pm1.716H
Wed-10-128:29 pm1.332L
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