NOAA: 8725889

Wed-03-292:11 am-0.116L
Wed-03-295:16 pm1.782H
Thu-03-303:26 am-0.132L
Thu-03-307:10 pm1.680H
Fri-03-314:23 am-0.154L
Fri-03-3112:04 pm1.349H
Fri-03-313:40 pm1.239L
Fri-03-318:56 pm1.680H
Sat-04-015:06 am-0.143L
Sat-04-0112:02 pm1.375H
Sat-04-014:45 pm1.035L
Sat-04-0110:06 pm1.714H
Sun-04-025:41 am-0.083L
Sun-04-0212:07 pm1.418H
Sun-04-025:29 pm0.811L
Sun-04-0210:59 pm1.731H
Mon-04-036:08 am0.027L
Mon-04-0312:11 pm1.486H
Mon-04-036:07 pm0.579L
Mon-04-0311:44 pm1.713H
Tue-04-046:31 am0.173L
Tue-04-0412:16 pm1.591H
Tue-04-046:41 pm0.349L
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