NOAA: 8726520

Thu-10-061:39 am1.865H
Thu-10-065:42 am1.515L
Thu-10-0611:56 am2.593H
Thu-10-067:12 pm0.267L
Fri-10-071:48 am1.930H
Fri-10-076:45 am1.183L
Fri-10-071:02 pm2.580H
Fri-10-077:46 pm0.455L
Sat-10-081:59 am2.043H
Sat-10-087:36 am0.856L
Sat-10-081:58 pm2.503H
Sat-10-088:14 pm0.689L
Sun-10-092:11 am2.194H
Sun-10-098:21 am0.570L
Sun-10-092:49 pm2.370H
Sun-10-098:37 pm0.930L
Mon-10-102:24 am2.364H
Mon-10-109:04 am0.347L
Mon-10-103:37 pm2.205H
Mon-10-108:55 pm1.145L
Tue-10-112:40 am2.522H
Tue-10-119:44 am0.197L
Tue-10-114:24 pm2.036H
Tue-10-119:12 pm1.318L
Wed-10-122:59 am2.642H
Wed-10-1210:25 am0.121L
Wed-10-125:14 pm1.878H
Wed-10-129:27 pm1.449L
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