NOAA: 8726520

Fri-04-196:37 am0.199L
Fri-04-191:23 pm1.661H
Fri-04-196:54 pm0.774L
Sat-04-2012:48 am1.730H
Sat-04-207:04 am0.372L
Sat-04-201:29 pm1.777H
Sat-04-207:32 pm0.532L
Sun-04-211:36 am1.712H
Sun-04-217:27 am0.563L
Sun-04-211:35 pm1.914H
Sun-04-218:08 pm0.316L
Mon-04-222:20 am1.661H
Mon-04-227:47 am0.752L
Mon-04-221:44 pm2.068H
Mon-04-228:42 pm0.126L
Tue-04-233:04 am1.586H
Tue-04-238:04 am0.920L
Tue-04-231:58 pm2.224H
Tue-04-239:18 pm-0.038L
Wed-04-243:50 am1.499H
Wed-04-248:17 am1.053L
Wed-04-242:17 pm2.365H
Wed-04-249:55 pm-0.174L
Thu-04-254:42 am1.410H
Thu-04-258:27 am1.146L
Thu-04-252:40 pm2.477H
Thu-04-2510:35 pm-0.276L
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