Hourly Florida Panhandle to Orange Beach Alabama Surf Report

Wednesday March 29 4:13 PM EDT

Today's Wave height and wind

Aloha Panhandlers this is the machine with the Wednesday afternooner surf report. into the hour. Surf is up! Go surf! Shin to thigh. Currently on Panama City Beach north-northeast winds 8 to 11 knots. . Check out the 16 day wave and wind forecast

Check out the live beach cam at bottom of page. Stay tuned to buoys, weather and models for an in depth look at the sea state. This report was updated and created at 4:13 pm. This is the secret spot on the web with all the relevant Florida surf data. Hourly updates around the clock.

16 Day Surf Forecast

Pro wind and wave forecast. The breakdown below is more in-depth and covers 16 days for advanced users

Florida Panhandle Surf Report full 16 Day for wind and waves.

Off-Season Tropics

There are 64 days until the Atlantic Hurricane season begins. Stay tuned; the Swellmachine (as always) will be bringing epic coverage of every Atlantic and Gulf Of Mexico Storm.

Note: There are no current Special Tropical Weather Outlooks issued; however the latest off-season updates can be viewed on the Tropical Atlantic page. Special Tropical Weather Outlooks are updated by the National Hurricane Center as necessary during the off-season. The Atlantic hurricane season runs from June 1st through November 30th.

The storm names are as follows; Arlene, Bret, Cindy, Don, Emily, Franklin, Gert, Harold, Idalia, Jose, Katia, Lee, Margot, Nigel, Ophelia, Philippe, Rina, Sean, Tammy, Vince and Whitney.

Marine Forecast

Gulf of Mexico Marine Watches, Warnings and Advisories Check all Gulf of Mexico Marine Zones.

Coastal Panhandle Weather & Alerts

Weather Forecast linked below by county:

Florida Weather Menu covering entire state. Coastal and inland counties. Alerts, watches and warning includes with each forecast.

All Florida Watches, Warnings and Advisories for the state of Florida.

42012 Wave Buoy

Orange Beach Al
Timestamp 03:50 PM EDT
Swell Direction : 86 ° E
Wave height: 2.6 ft
Dominant Wave Period : 5 s
Average Wave Period : 4.1 s
TimeWave HeightPeriodDirection
03:00 PM 2.6--E
02:00 PM 3.05E
01:00 PM 3.05E
12:00 PM 3.6--E
11:00 AM 3.95ENE
10:00 AM 3.95ENE

42039 Wave Buoy

Timestamp 03:50 PM EDT
Swell Direction : 43 ° NE
Wave height: 5.2 ft
Dominant Wave Period : 6 s
Average Wave Period : 5.1 s
TimeWave HeightPeriodDirection
03:00 PM 5.6--NE
02:00 PM 6.2--NE
01:00 PM 6.67NNE
12:00 PM 6.27N
11:00 AM 6.97N
10:00 AM 6.67N

42036 Wave Buoy

West Tampa
Timestamp 03:10 PM EDT
Swell Direction : 8 ° N
Wave height: 5.2 ft
Average Wave Period : 4.9 s
TimeWave HeightPeriodDirection
03:00 PM 5.2--N
02:00 PM 6.26NNE
01:00 PM 5.26N
12:00 PM 5.66NNE
11:00 AM 5.25NNE
10:00 AM 3.94NNE

Sunrise and Sunset

Destin Florida

Sunrise6:37 am
Sunset7:03 pm

Dauphin Island Alabama

Sunrise6:43 am
Sunset7:10 pm

Panama City Beach Florida

Sunrise6:33 am
Sunset6:58 pm

Moon Phase

Waxing Gibbous

Tides Panhandle

Navarre Beach

2023/03/29 02:25 AM-0.34 L
2023/03/29 02:54 PM1.17 H

Panama City Beach

2023/03/29 02:34 AM-0.35 L
2023/03/29 02:27 PM1.21 H

Alabama Point

2023/03/29 03:48 AM-0.10 L
2023/03/29 03:11 PM0.88 H

PCBF1 Wind Station

Panama City Beach
Timestamp: 03:30 PM EDT
Wind Direction : 30 ° NNE
Wind Speed: 7.6 kts
Wind Gusts: 11.4 kts
Baromertic Pressure: 1021.5 mb
Air Temperature: 66 °f
Water Temperature: 69 °f
TimeWind SpeedWind GustDirection
03:00 PM 7.6 9.5 NE
01:00 PM 7.6 11.4 ENE
01:00 PM 5.7 11.4 NE
12:00 PM 9.5 13.3 ENE
11:00 AM 9.5 15.2 NE
10:00 AM 11.4 20.9 NE
09:00 AM 11.4 17.1 NNE
08:00 AM 13.3 17.1 NNE
07:00 AM 11.4 20.9 NNE
06:00 AM 11.4 17.1 NNE

PCLF1 Wind Station

Timestamp: 03:30 PM EDT
Wind Direction : 10 ° N
Wind Speed: 5.7 kts
Wind Gusts: 7.6 kts
Baromertic Pressure: 1022.3 mb
Air Temperature: 63 °f
Water Temperature: 73 °f
TimeWind SpeedWind GustDirection
03:00 PM 7.6 9.5 NE
01:00 PM 7.6 11.4 ENE
01:00 PM 5.7 11.4 NE
12:00 PM 9.5 13.3 ENE
11:00 AM 9.5 15.2 NE
10:00 AM 11.4 20.9 NE
09:00 AM 11.4 17.1 NNE
08:00 AM 13.3 17.1 NNE
07:00 AM 11.4 20.9 NNE
06:00 AM 11.4 17.1 NNE

Live Cam


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