Hourly Gulf Surf Report & 16-day West Florida Surf Forecast

Thursday October 6 5:00 PM EDT
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Surf & Beach Report Updated: 5:00 pm

Aloha West Florida this is the machine with the Thursday afternoon Gulf surf and beach report. Sunny into the hour. Air temperature at 79°. Water temperature at 78 °. Moderatly humid with the dew point at 68°. The UV Index is (8) very high today. Currently west winds 6 to 8 knots on Venice Beach; Incomming tide at 0.3 ↑ ft...(more.) Clearwater beach north winds 10 to 11 knots; Incomming tide 0.3 ↑ ft...(more.) Later on across the region North winds 5 to 10 knots. Sunset is at 7:10 pm. The moon phase is Waxing Gibbous at 84% illumination and next phase is Full Moon on 10-9. Surf is down into the afternoon. No hype but surf is a possibility out 9 days. The Swellmachine's 16 day surf forecast shows chances for waves on Saturday 10-15 and Sunday 10-16. Durring the 16 day forecast period, wave heights peak out around 4.4 feet at 6.23 seconds on Saturday 10-15. Also, a chance of glassy surf with easterly winds on Sunday 10-16. Serious about surfing the Gulf, check out the Swellmachine's 16 day free forecast.

Planning on beach or watersport activities today; 2 hours and 24 minutes till Last Light.

Active Weather - Watches, Warnings and Advisories posted below.

Check out the full East Florida Surf forecast, weather forecast, marine forecast, buoy observations, beach cams, watches and warnings. The Swellmachine currently posting (EFL) surf: Rib to shoulder high on sets; long period swell. Onshore winds in the mix.


Spaghetti models indicate a chance of a storm track into the Caribbean.

+National Hurricane Center is issuing advisories on Tropical Depression Twelve and Potential Tropical Cyclone Thirteen . They report a high chance of formation (near 100 percent) over the next five days. The Swellmachine's WX Page displays 26 of the latest updated storm and forecasting images. Take a look at the GFS modeling for the Western or Full Atlantic. The next storm name on deck is Julia. A total of 55 Hurricane season days ahead.

The 2022 storm names are Alex, Bonnie, Colin, Danielle, Earl, Fiona, Gaston, Hermine, Ian, Julia, Karl, Lisa, Martin, Nicole, Owen, Paula, Richard, Shary, Tobias, Virginie and Walter. Also, this season there was Tropical Depression Four, Eleven, Twelve and Thirteen.

One sure way to be prepared is to tune into the Swellmachine's Epic coverage of the 2022 Atlantic Hurricane Season.

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There are other places to surf. Check out the full Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands daily surf report. Check out our East Florida surf report and forecast. Also the Florida Panhandle daily report.

The Swellmachine is always updated bringing visitors cutting-edge Twenty-Four hour a day coverage of Florida Gulf surf & beach conditions. Swellmachine website users are kept up to date; Without ever having to wait on posts and updates. Even if they wake up well before the crack of dawn; no problem here. Swellmachine has got it all covered. Hey; the latest update was at 5:00 pm. Want to score the elusive Gulf surf & increase enjoyment of local beaches? Stay tuned to the Swellmachine's report, the Free 16-day West Florida Surf Forecast, Marine Forecast, Weather Forecast, Marine Alerts and Weather Alerts. Also check out the latest buoy data, weather observations, tides, Sunrise, Sunsets and more. All on this page. Have an awesome Thursday afternoon.

6-day Gulf Surf, Wind, Wave & Tide Forecast

In addition to up to the minute comprehensive reporting. Take a look into the future with the Swellmachine's free 6-day model based beginners surf analysis and 16 day pro surf forecast. The beginners forecast breaks it down into an easy to read format by counties; the following have their own local page. Check out the forecast:

16 Day Surf Forecast

Pro wind and wave forecast. The breakdown below is more in-depth and covers 16 days for advanced users

Forecast for Thursday 6th of October 2022 thru Thursday 13th of October 2022

West Florida Surf Report 1-8 Day for wind and waves.

Forecast for Friday 14th of October 2022 thru Friday 21st of October 2022

West Florida Surf Report 9-16 Day for wind and waves.


West Florida Tides for over 100 locations.

East Florida Tides for over 170 locations.

More Florida 16 Day Forecasts

East Florida Surf Report 1-8 Day for wind and waves.

East Florida Surf Report 9-16 Day for wind and waves.

Florida Panhandle Surf Report 16 Day for wind and waves.

Puerto Rico 16 day Wind and Wave Forecast

Rincon Puerto Rico Surf Report 16 Day for wind and waves.

Isabella Puerto Rico Surf Report 16 Day for wind and waves.

San Juan Puerto Rico Surf Report 16 Day for wind and waves.

Venice Jetties 14 Hour Wave & Wind Forecast

Thursday 10-06


Bonus: Focused 3-Day Hourly.

There are no bacteria advisories for Sarasota County beaches. View report.

Marine Forecast & Alerts

There are No active marine watches, warnings or advisories for Bonita Beach to Suwannee River, FL (Issued by the National Weather Service) Last updated by the Swellmachine at 5:00 pm

Synopsis and Marine Forecast links updated by the NWS
Broad high pressure has settled in over the southeast U.S. and will ridge across the waters producing rain-free conditions through the end of the week. This will also produce generally NNE-ENE wind flow around 10-15 knots and seas 2 feet or less. The gradient increases by Saturday and continues into next week as Potential Tropical Cyclone Thirteen moves westward through the Caribbean Sea increasing winds to around 15-20 knots. Source: FZUS52 KTBW NWS - Synopsis

Bonita Beach to Suwannee River, FL out 60 nm (Check in near real time) Current Watches, Warnings and Advisories.

Gulf of Mexico Marine Watches, Warnings and Advisories for the entire Gulf of Mexico.

Marine Forecast for the entire Gulf Of Mexico

Weather Forecasts, Watches, Warnings and Advisories

Coastal Flood Statement issued October 06 at 4:24PM EDT until October 07 at 6:00AM EDT by NWS
Affected Areas: Monroe Middle Keys; Monroe Upper Keys
Coastal Flood Statement

Coastal Flood Statement issued October 06 at 4:24PM EDT until October 07 at 6:00AM EDT by NWS
Affected Areas: Monroe Lower Keys
Coastal Flood Statement

Flood Warning issued October 06 at 10:21AM EDT until further notice by NWS
Affected Areas: Sarasota
Flood Warning

Note: Alerts posted in this section above are filtered to display these Florida Counties: Sarasota, Charlotte, Lee, Collier, Manatee, Pinellas, Pasco, Hernando, Citrus and Monroe. View all Weather alerts for the entire state of Florida.

Weather Forecast for these Coastal West Florida Counties: Coastal Citrus , Coastal Hernando , Coastal Pasco , Coastal Hillsborough , Coastal Pinellas , Coastal Manatee , Coastal Sarasota , Coastal Charlotte , Coastal Lee , Coastal Collier County and Lower Monroe (Key West).

West Florida Watches, Warnings and Advisories (filtered results in near real time) for these West Florida Counties: Sarasota, Charlotte, Lee, Collier, Manatee, Pinellas, Pasco, Hernando, Citrus and Monroe.

Florida Weather Menu covering entire state. Coastal and inland counties. Alerts, watches and warning includes with each forecast.

All Florida Watches, Warnings and Advisories for the state of Florida.

Swellmachine features a weather forecast below for one West Florida location below.

Venice Jetty (Inlet)

NWS Forecast below released on Thursday 6th of October 2022 03:43 PM.

This Afternoon

This Afternoon Weather Image
Sunny, with a high near 84. North northwest wind around 7 mph.


Tonight Weather Image
Mostly clear, with a low around 66. North northeast wind around 7 mph.


Friday Weather Image
Sunny, with a high near 84. Northeast wind around 9 mph.

Friday Night

Friday Night Weather Image
Mostly clear, with a low around 66. Northeast wind around 9 mph.


Saturday Weather Image
Sunny, with a high near 85. Northeast wind 7 to 13 mph.

12-hour hourly WX*

Thu Oct 06 05 PM Mostly Clear 80 ° NNW 7 mph
Thu Oct 06 06 PM Mostly Clear 78 ° NNW 7 mph
Thu Oct 06 07 PM Mostly Clear 77 ° N 6 mph
Thu Oct 06 08 PM Mostly Clear 75 ° N 5 mph
Thu Oct 06 09 PM Mostly Clear 74 ° NNE 5 mph
Thu Oct 06 10 PM Clear 73 ° NNE 6 mph
Thu Oct 06 11 PM Clear 72 ° NE 6 mph
Fri Oct 07 12 AM Clear 70 ° ENE 6 mph
Fri Oct 07 01 AM Mostly Clear 69 ° ENE 7 mph
Fri Oct 07 02 AM Mostly Clear 69 ° ENE 7 mph
Fri Oct 07 03 AM Clear 68 ° ENE 7 mph
Fri Oct 07 04 AM Mostly Clear 67 ° ENE 7 mph
Fri Oct 07 05 AM Sunny 67 ° ENE 7 mph

Cold Front: Gulf of Mexico

Overall, weak high pressure is creating favorable marine conditions in the Gulf. A stationary front extends through the Straits of Florida along 23N to the SE Gulf near 24N87W. North of this boundary, winds are moderate from the NE with 1-3 ft seas. South of the boundary, winds are gentle from the E with 1-2 ft seas. For the forecast, the stationary front will gradually weaken and dissipate by Sat. High pressure north of the area will maintain gentle to moderate easterly winds and slight to moderate seas through tonight. A cold front is expected to move into the coastal Gulf States on Fri, the central Gulf Sat and the southeastern Gulf and Straits of Florida Sun, then stall. Expect fresh northeast to east winds across the southeastern Gulf starting Fri and through Sun night as the pressure gradient tightens between high pressure north of the fronts and lower pressure in the western Caribbean.

Source: (NHC)

Red Tide

No reports or forecasts found for Red Tide since Wednesday 11-10-21

SWFL Moon Phases & Name

Current moon phase is Waxing Gibbous. Percentage of moon's disk illuminated is 84% and gradually becomes more illuminated. The next phase is Full Moon on 10-9. This begins in 2 days, 23 hours and 54 minutes. The present lunar month and orbital period is 29 days, 14 hours and 21 minutes . The Moon's age and time elapsed into this period is 10 days, 23 hours and 5 minutes.

10-09 4:54 PM Full Moon
10-17 1:16 PM Last Quarter
10-25 6:48 AM New Moon
11-01 2:38 AM First Quarter

The October Full Moon is also known as the Hunter's Full Moon.

Expanded Moon Phase Time and Dates

SWFL Moon Rise & Set

10-06 3:57 AM Moonset
10-06 5:33 PM Moonrise
10-07 5:02 AM Moonset
10-07 6:09 PM Moonrise

SWFL Sun Rise & Sunset Set

October 6, 2022 (Thursday)

First Light7:00 am
Sunrise7:25 am
Sunset7:10 pm
Last Light7:34 pm

October 7, 2022 (Friday)

First Light7:01 am
Sunrise7:25 am
Sunset7:09 pm
Last Light7:33 pm

New: 120 day Sunrise and Sunset scheduele

Astronomical Seasons

Vernal Equinox 3-20-2022
Summmer Solstice 6-21-2022
Autumn Equinox 9-22-2022
Winter Solstice 12-21-2022

JDN: 2459859.38178

Venice Jetty/Inlet [inside] Tides

10-064:03 AM 1.37 ftLow
10-069:53 AM 2.36 ftHigh
10-065:33 PM 0.24 ftLow
10-0611:45 PM 1.75 ftHigh
10-075:06 AM 1.07 ftLow
10-0710:58 AM 2.34 ftHigh
10-076:07 PM 0.41 ftLow
10-0711:57 PM 1.86 ftHigh
Extended: Venice Inlet Tides
Nearby: Venice Pier Tides

St. Petersburg Tides

10-061:39 AM 1.86 ftHigh
10-065:41 AM 1.51 ftLow
10-0611:55 AM 2.59 ftHigh
10-067:11 PM 0.27 ftLow
10-071:47 AM 1.93 ftHigh
10-076:44 AM 1.18 ftLow
10-071:00 PM 2.58 ftHigh
10-077:45 PM 0.45 ftLow
St. Petersburg Tides

Captiva Island Tides

10-0612:53 AM 1.70 ftHigh
10-065:21 AM 1.37 ftLow
10-0611:09 AM 2.36 ftHigh
10-066:51 PM 0.24 ftLow
10-071:01 AM 1.75 ftHigh
10-076:24 AM 1.07 ftLow
10-0712:14 PM 2.34 ftHigh
10-077:25 PM 0.41 ftLow
Captiva Island (Pine Island Sound) Tides
Captiva Island (Outside) Tides
North Captiva Island Tides

42098 Buoy

Egmont Channel
Timestamp 04:26 PM EDT
Wave height: 0.6 ft
Average Wave Period : 2.8 s
TimeWave HeightPeriodDirection
01:26 PM 1.03E
12:56 PM 1.02ENE
12:26 PM 1.33E
11:56 AM 1.33ENE
11:26 AM 1.33ENE
10:56 AM 1.63E
10:26 AM 1.63E
09:26 AM 1.63ENE
08:56 AM 1.63ENE
08:26 AM 1.63NE
07:56 AM 1.63ENE
07:26 AM 1.63ENE
06:56 AM 1.63ENE
06:26 AM 1.63E
05:56 AM 1.63E
05:26 AM 1.32ENE
04:56 AM 1.63E
04:26 AM 1.63ENE
03:56 AM 1.62ENE
03:26 AM 1.62ENE

42099 Buoy

St. Petersburg Offshore
Timestamp 04:26 PM EDT
Swell Direction : 68 ° ENE
Wave height: 1.3 ft
Dominant Wave Period : 4 s
Average Wave Period : 3.3 s
TimeWave HeightPeriodDirection
04:26 PM 1.34ENE
03:56 PM 1.34ENE
03:26 PM 1.34ENE
02:56 PM 1.34NE
02:26 PM 1.34ENE
01:56 PM 1.04ENE
01:26 PM 1.04ENE
12:56 PM 1.03ENE
12:26 PM 1.04ENE
11:56 AM 1.34ENE
11:26 AM 1.03NE
10:56 AM 1.33NE
10:26 AM 1.03NE
09:56 AM 1.03NE
09:26 AM 1.03NNE
08:56 AM 1.03NE
08:26 AM 1.03NE
07:56 AM 1.03NE
07:26 AM 1.04NE
06:56 AM 1.03NE

42097 Buoy

Pulley Ridge
Timestamp 04:26 PM EDT
Swell Direction : 64 ° ENE
Wave height: 1.3 ft
Dominant Wave Period : 4 s
Average Wave Period : 3.5 s
TimeWave HeightPeriodDirection
04:26 PM 1.34ENE
03:56 PM 1.34NNE
03:26 PM 1.33NNE
02:56 PM 1.34NNE
02:26 PM 1.34NNE
01:56 PM 1.34NNE
01:26 PM 1.34NNE
12:56 PM 1.34NNE
12:26 PM 1.64NE
11:56 AM 1.64NE
11:26 AM 1.63NE
10:56 AM 1.34NE
10:26 AM 1.63NE
09:56 AM 1.63ENE
09:26 AM 1.63NNE
08:56 AM 1.64N
08:26 AM 1.63NE
07:56 AM 1.63NE
07:26 AM 1.65N
06:56 AM 1.64NNE

42036 Wave Buoy

West Tampa
Timestamp 03:50 PM EDT
Wave height: 0.6 ft
Average Wave Period : 2.8 s
TimeWave HeightPeriodDirection
02:50 PM 1.03E
01:50 PM 1.03E
12:50 PM 1.03E
11:50 AM 1.03ESE
10:50 AM 1.03ESE
01:50 AM 1.03ENE
12:50 AM 1.02NNE
11:50 PM 1.03ENE
10:50 PM 1.03ENE
09:50 PM 1.03E
08:50 PM 1.04E
07:50 PM 1.04E
06:50 PM 1.04E
05:50 PM 1.34E
04:50 PM 1.34E
03:50 PM 1.34E
02:50 PM 1.34E
01:50 PM 1.64E
12:50 PM 2.04E
11:50 AM 2.05E

VENF1 Wind Station

Timestamp: 04:00 PM EDT
Wind Direction : 280 ° W
Wind Speed: 5.7 kts
Wind Gusts: 7.6 kts
Baromertic Pressure: 1016.2 mb
Air Temperature: 79 °f
Water Temperature: 78 °f
Dew Point: 68 °f
TimeWind ktsGusts ktsCardinal
04:00 PM 5.77.6W
03:00 PM 5.75.7W
02:00 PM 5.75.7W
01:00 PM 3.83.8WSW
12:00 PM 1.93.8SE
11:00 AM 5.77.6E
10:00 AM 7.611.4E
09:00 AM 5.79.5E
08:00 AM 5.77.6ENE
07:00 AM 5.77.6ENE
06:00 AM 5.77.6ENE
05:00 AM 5.75.7ENE
04:00 AM 3.85.7ENE
03:00 AM 3.83.8ENE
02:00 AM 1.93.8E
01:00 AM 3.83.8NE
12:00 AM 3.83.8NE
11:00 PM 5.77.6NNE
10:00 PM 5.77.6N
09:00 PM 9.511.4N

CWBF1 Wind Station

Timestamp: 04:18 PM EDT
Wind Direction : 360 ° N
Wind Speed: 9.5 kts
Wind Gusts: 9.5 kts
Water Temperature: 78 °f
TimeWind ktsGusts ktsCardinal
04:18 PM 9.59.5N
04:00 PM 9.511.4N
03:54 PM 11.411.4N
03:48 PM 11.411.4N
03:30 PM 9.511.4N
03:18 PM 9.511.4N
03:00 PM 11.411.4N
02:48 PM 11.411.4N
02:30 PM 9.511.4N
02:18 PM 9.511.4N
02:00 PM 7.69.5N
01:48 PM 5.77.6N
01:30 PM 5.75.7N
01:18 PM 5.77.6N
01:00 PM 1.93.8NNE
12:48 PM 1.91.9N
12:30 PM 1.95.7ENE
12:30 PM 1.95.7ENE
12:18 PM 1.95.7ENE
12:00 PM 5.75.7E

42013 C-10 Wind Station

Sarasota C-10
Timestamp: 02:35 PM EDT
Wind Direction : 130 ° SE
Wind Speed: 5.7 kts
Wind Gusts: 7.6 kts
Baromertic Pressure: 1017.8 mb
Air Temperature: 78 °f
Water Temperature: 82 °f
Dew Point: 69 °f
TimeWind ktsGusts ktsCardinal
02:00 PM 5.7 7.6 SE
02:00 PM 5.7 7.6 SE
11:00 AM 9.5 13.3 ESE
11:00 AM 9.5 13.3 ESE
07:00 AM 9.5 13.3 E
07:00 AM 9.5 13.3 E
07:00 AM 9.5 13.3 E
07:00 AM 9.5 13.3 E
07:00 AM 9.5 13.3 E
05:00 AM 11.4 13.3 ESE

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